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Sen Policy Feb 2012

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy Feb 2012.docx Sen Policy for Palmarsh Primary SchoolWritten February 2012Review date February 2014Sara Wakefield HeadteacherThe Governing Body of Palmarsh Primary School has the following Policy on the SpecialEducational NeedsPalmarsh Sen Policy amended 1404121 Definition of SENThe following definition is taken from the Sen Code of Practice which came in to forceon Janu...

palmarsh.kent.sch.uk/UserFiles/file/SEN Policy Feb 2012...cy Feb 2012.pdf
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  • Date: Sun Apr 29 08:37:08 2012
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Sen Policy

Special Education Needs Sen Policy 1 IntroductionLilac Sky Academy Trust believes that each student has individual and unique needs However some studentsrequire more support than others to achieve the five outcomes of Every Child Matters We acknowledge that asignificant proportion of students will have special educational needs Sen at some time in their school careerMany of these students may requ...

richmond.kent.sch.uk/media/9875.../SEN Policy.pdf
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  • Date: Thu May 1 13:38:24 2014
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Sen Policy March 2012

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy March 2012 HILLCROSS PRIMARY SCHOOLSpecial Educational Needs PolicyMission StatementWe work together to provide a safe caring and stimulating environment whereeveryone is valued is encouraged to develop positive self-esteem and to meet his herpotentialInclusion StatementThe learning and well being of every child in our school matters This is reflectedthrough our teachin...

connectedup.com/hillcross/SEN Policy... March 2012.pdf
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  • Date: Wed Feb 12 19:28:52 2014
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Sen Policy

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy.doc Special Educational Needs Sen PolicyIngoldisthorpe C of EPrimary SchoolSpecial EducationalNeeds PolicyJune 2010Special Educational Needs Sen Policy1 IntroductionSpecial Educational Needs Sen Policy1 1 This school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children TheNational Curriculum is our starting point for planning that meets the specificneeds of individ...

ingoldisthorpe.norfolk.sch.uk/PDF Files.../SEN Policy.pdf
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  • Date: Thu Jul 15 13:33:44 2010
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Sen Policy Jan 2011

Sen Policy Trinity AcademySpecial Educational Needs Policy 2011IntroductionTrinity Academy believes that each student has the right to meet their true potential in allareas of the curriculum All students with even those with additional educational needsshare the right to a broad and balanced curriculum Therefore the provision of SpecialEducation at Trinity Academy recognises and embraces the noti...

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  • Date: Wed May 1 09:18:15 2013
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Sen Policy A Bradbury 2014 2

Sen Policy a bradbury 2014 2 St Herbert s R C Primary SchoolSpecial Educational Needs Sen PolicySENCo Angela Bradbury NASENCoSLT Link Claire McManusSEN Governor Paul Devinepolicy is set within the aspirations of the whole of the School Ethos Statement particularly ByThisloving one another as God loves us we can achieve spiritually and academically This policycomplies with the statutory requirement...

stherberts.oldham.sch.uk/SEN policy a bradbury 2014 2.p...bury 2014 2.pdf
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  • Date: Fri Oct 17 13:05:40 2014
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Sen Policy Feb 2012

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy Feb 2012.doc THE CHERRY PLAYGROUPEquality of opportunitySupporting children with SpecialEducational Needs SENThe Education Act 1996 says that a child has special educational needs if he or she has alearning difficulty which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her Italso says that a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of ed...

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  • Date: Thu Jun 21 11:03:43 2012
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Sen Policy

Sen Policy.11 LAWNSIDE LOWER SCHOOLSPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND INCLUSION POLICYincluding disability access and equality policyRationale definitions and principlesRationaleThis policyhas been developed to meet the special needs of all pupilsRecognises that all pupils have individual needsProvides a framework for the on-going development of best practice in meetingpupils Sen Linked to the School D...

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  • Date: Tue Jan 15 21:46:23 2013
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Sen Policy Summer 12

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy - Summer 12 MANORFIELD PRIMARY AND NURSERY SCHOOLSpecial Educational Needs PolicyGovernors Committee Responsible InclusionPolicy Editor SenCo Review Period AnnualStatus Statutory Next Review Date Summer 13RecommendedBasic information about Sen ProvisionPrinciples and objectivesAt Manorfield Primary and Nursery School we have regard to the definition of Sen as stated int...

manorfield.surrey.sch.uk/resources/files/policies/sen p...- summer 12.pdf
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  • Date: Thu Sep 20 16:02:27 2012
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Sen Policy 2014 2015

Microsoft Word - Revised Sen Policy 2014-2015.docx St Luke s Roman Catholic Primary School SalfordSEN POLICY2014 2015At St Luke s RC Primary School we strive to develop all of our children asconfident creative learners growing in faith developing respect forthemselves and others with positive attitudes and the ambition to nurturetheir talents and use them wellWe aim to ensure that the needs of tho...

stlukesrc.co.uk/policies/SEN Polic...y 2014-2015.pdf
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  • Date: Mon Sep 8 20:13:46 2014
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Sen Policy 2013

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy 2013.doc Christ Church CE SchoolSEN PolicyApril 2013Christ Church CE SchoolRedhill StreetRegent s ParkNW1 4BDCreate PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer http www novapdf comChrist Church C of E SchoolPolicy on Special Educational Needs and Disability SENDDate of Policy January 2013Review date January 2014Mission StatementThe Christian Faith is at...

cchurchnw1.camden.sch.uk/PDF Policy/SEN ...policy 2013.pdf
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  • Date: Fri May 3 09:12:25 2013
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Sen Policy

Horninglow Infant School Horninglow Primary SchoolSpecial Educational Needs PolicySENCO Mrs A JonesSEN GOVERNOR Mrs K ReedyThis Special Educational Needs Sen Policy gives the school s definition ofspecial needs along with its aims and objectives It deals with admissionarrangements identification assessment and recording and providesinformation about curriculum entitlement and integrationOur Specia...

public.klp.rm.com/establishments/8602125/HorninglowPrim.../SEN policy.pdf
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  • Date: Fri Feb 15 13:09:01 2013
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Special Educational Needs Policy

Microsoft Word - Special Educational Needs (Sen) June 2014 Policy.docx Special Educational Needs Sen PolicyOakridge Primary SchoolSpecial Educational Needs Sen PolicyIntroductionOakridge primary School has a named SENCO who is undertaking the newGovernment SENCO qualification and a named Governor responsible for Sen MrsLewis They ensure that the Oakridge Special Educational Needs Policy works wit...

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  • Date: Tue Jun 24 12:57:26 2014
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Special Educational Needs Policy Updated 2014

Special Educational Needs (Sen) Policy Stock Primary C Of E Primary School Special EducationalNeeds Sen PolicySpecial Educational provision meanseducational provision which is additional to or otherwise different fromthe educational provision made generally for children of their age inschools maintained by the LEA other than special schools in the areaEducation Act 1996At Stock C of E Primary scho...

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  • Date: Tue Mar 25 09:55:34 2014
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Marking Policy Autumn 2013

MARKING Policy Bournes Green Infant SchoolMarking PolicyOur VisionAt Bournes Green Infant School the governors staff children parents and carers worktogether in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust in a community that isstrengthened and enriched by a diversity of background culture and religion Our priorityis to foster the self-confidence self-esteem and independence of all in a climate ofgro...
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  • Date: Mon Oct 7 16:13:33 2013
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Sen Policy

Stanville Primary School Policy DocumentFor pupils withSpecial Educational NeedsWorking Together to Implement the Code of PracticeThis Policy reflects the work practices of Stanville School for identifying assessingand making provision for children with special educational needs All staff andGovernors have been involved in developing this Policy Any parents who wish todiscuss any aspect of the pol...

https://intranet.stanville.bham.sch.uk/home/documents/S.../SEN Policy.pdf
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  • Date: Tue Mar 26 20:22:43 2013
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Special Education Needs Sen Policy Access School V2

Microsoft Word - SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS Sen Policy - ACCESS SCHOOL V2.0.doc Office use onlyVersion No 2 0 ID No 698Date Issued 10 October 2008Previously IssuedMain SectionSub SectionDivision EducationPolicy Authorised Ed NixonDesignation Group Operations ManagerTITLE SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS Sen Policy -ACCESS SCHOOLSchool StatementAt Access we aim to meet the definition of Special Education Needs...

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  • Date: Wed Jul 4 15:44:05 2012
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Ldd Sen Policy 2013

St Patrick s RC High School A National Teaching SchoolLearning Difficulties and orDisabilities Sen Policy2013Review Date 12 06 2013Date of Next Review 12 06 2016Prepared By Pupil Welfare CommitteeSignedReview Date June 2013 Page 1St Patrick s RC High School and Arts CollegeLearning Difficulties and Disability PolicyMission StatementSt Patrick s Roman Catholic High School and Art s College creates ...

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  • Date: Mon Aug 19 11:21:43 2013
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Sen Information Sheet

Sen Information Sheet Llanfechain Church in Wales Primary SchoolInformation SheetSpecial Educational NeedsThe term Special Educational Needs covers a wide range ofeducational social emotional and physical needs Some childrenduring the whole or part of their time in school will requireadditional support in some or all curriculum areas A Code ofPractice is in place to ensure that Special Needs are i...

llanfechainschool.org.uk/Resources/SEN Information Shee...ation Sheet.pdf
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  • Date: Mon Sep 10 09:38:27 2012
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Egca Sen Policy

Ernesford Grange Community Academy 1 AimsOur aim is to ensurethat all children in the Academy are encouraged valued andaccepted equallythat all children with Special Educational Needs have access to thecurriculum to which they are entitledthat every teacher is an effective teacher of children with SpecialEducational Needsandto acknowledge the valuable contributions made by children and theirparent...

egschool.org/index_htm_files/EGCA... SEN Policy.pdf
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  • Date: Mon Sep 22 14:30:32 2014
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Sen Policy Approved September 2013

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Special Educational Needs Sen PolicyPerson s Responsible Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator - SENCO Helen ClarksonNamed Governor Ann TaylorLine Managed by Deputy Headteacher Catherine ReevesIntroductionClitheroe Royal Grammar School believes that every young person matters and our students are seen asindividuals with differing interests knowledge skills and needs...

crgs.org.uk/Files/Policy/SEN Policy Approved September ...tember 2013.pdf
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  • Date: Mon Jul 14 15:44:26 2014
  • Pages: 10

SPH Sen Policy Sen POLICYSEN POLICYPolicy Statements Success Criteria Monitoring proceduresThe Governors are committed to The Governors consider that the following criteria are The following procedures will be employed tosupporting the school in evidence of successful implementation of each of the monitor the success of the policyachieving the following Policy statements1 Meeting their responsibil...

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  • Date: Wed Sep 15 15:58:51 2010
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Srhs Language Policy Ib

Microsoft Word - SRHS language Policy.docx An International Baccalaureate World School Shore Regional High School is committed tosupporting and to developing in its students all attributes represented in the Ib Learner ProfileEssential to this process is communication both in English the language of instruction at theschool and the student s mother tongue Since all teachers are involved in conveyi...

shoreregional.org/cms/lib5/NJ01000964/Centricity/Domain...policy - IB.pdf
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  • Date: Sun May 11 13:56:31 2014
  • Pages: 2
Hv Behaviour Relationships Policy June 2011

Microsoft Word - HV Behaviour & Relationships Policy June 2011 HILL VIEW SCHOOLBEHAVIOUR and RELATIONSHIPS POLICYUpdated June 2011At Hill View School we value and welcome each person as an individual and recognise theimportance of nurturing all aspects of their personality to help them fulfil their potential and becomeresponsible members of the communities they live and work in We recognise time a...

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  • Date: Thu Jun 30 11:32:27 2011
  • Pages: 6
14 Sen Policy Update July 2014

Safeguarding Children- an Introduction to Child Protection for Newly Appointed Staff HONLEY HIGH SCHOOLSpecial Educational Needs PolicyLegislative ComplianceThis Policy complies with the guidance given in Statutory Instrument Special EducationalNeeds Information Regulations Clauses 63-65 It has been written as guidance for staffparents or carers and children with reference to the following guidanc...

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  • Date: Fri Aug 29 16:00:33 2014
  • Pages: 20
Sen Policy

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDSAND DISABILITY POLICYThis Policy was written with regard to the Sen Code of Practice 2001 the NurseryEducation Grant 2002-03 the National Standards for Daycare Every Child Mattersthe EYFS and the DDA 20031 WHAT IS SENA child has special educational needs requiring specific educational provisionif he or she has a learning difficulty or is giftedA...

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  • Date: Fri Nov 2 10:38:35 2012
  • Pages: 4
Special Education Policy

Microsoft Word - Special Education Policy.doc Donabate-Portrane Educate Together N SSpecial Educational Needs PolicyIntroductory StatementThis Policy was drafted by the Sen team at Donabate-Portrane Educate TogetherNational School during the academic year 2005-2006 and revised by the SeniorSchool in 2009-2010The Sen team is made up of the Principal Deputy Principal and all teachers workingin the a...

dpetns.ie/Documents/User/Special Educa...tion Policy.pdf
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  • Date: Fri Sep 14 14:18:27 2012
  • Pages: 14

Microsoft Word - Sen Policy September 13.doc Sandhill View SchoolSEN PolicyREVISED Sen AND INCLUSION Policy Revised September 2013Sandhill View School Policy for Special Educational Needs and InclusionRationaleSandhill View School SVS is committed to providing an appropriate and high qualityeducation to all the pupils living in our local area We believe that all pupils includingthose identified as...

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  • Date: Wed Dec 11 10:07:15 2013
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Sen Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy As an Accredited Childminder I will have regard to the Special Educational NeedsCode Of PracticeI will ensure I have an up to date copy of the Code of Practice and I will make thisdocument available to parents if requiredI will work closely with parents to listen to their views so as to build on children sprevious experiences knowledge understanding and skills and ...

https://jexysjuniors.co.uk/policies.../SEN POLICY.pdf
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  • Date: 08/02/2012 07:39:58 PM
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Sen Policy

St Nicholas Catholic Primary School Special Educational Needs Policy1 INTRODUCTION1 1 This Policy was reviewed recently in line with the revisedCode of Practice and the Special Needs and Disability Act and will be reviewed on aregular basis1 2 St Nicholas School provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all childrenThe National Curriculum and the Early Learning Goals The FoundationStage is the ...

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  • Date: Tue Mar 19 17:11:18 2013
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