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Etd 0203112 002545

CuInSe2 CIS CISCuInCISAZ1500 20cp 6000rpm 1 6um8 13 CuIn1mtorr Cu 3W In 18W1 40 600um 49 13 50 87 In-richCuIn Cu 4W In 16W 1 40600nm 50 54 49 46 Cu-rich CuIn430 20 550 301 1 2 CISAbstractIn this paper the CuInSe2 CIS thin-film solar cell absorber layer grownby sputtering and selenization processes was patterned to study theeffects of Pattern sizes precursor ratio and selenization parametricconditi...
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Eml 8 2 111 115

LEO method and the defective seed region prepared by metalorganic chemicalvapour deposition Common modulus of elasticity values 230 GPa and hardness values 19 GPa werefound for both materials The GaN response to nanoindentation was found to be purely elastic for low inden-tation loads with the onset of plasticity being marked by discontinuities or pop-in events in the indenterload-penetration curv

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Auto X Y Transmission

Apps Note-102 Microtiter Plate 1-2003 APPLICATION NOTE 102March 2004Silicon Microtiter Plate for TransmissionSamplingLiquid sample Separator maskFig 2Silicon substrateThe Mask provides the appropriate separation be-tween the wells which in this case are formed bythe flat polished silicon and the masks Fig 2 Thedepth of the Mask Pattern is only a few hundredmicrometers but it effectively separates ...

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icrofocusing opticsmodulators and optical waveguides on different regions of consist of either a 5 m pinhole or a phase zone plate with athe same wafer 1 2 Integration is possible in the 7 cm focal length that produce a beam size of 0 5 mquaternary alloys In1 xGaxAs1 yPy because of the metal- vertical x 1 0 m horizontal with a flux of 1 5 x 1010organic chemical-vapor deposition MOCVD technique of

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600h Cit And Cis Tng Schedule

IPC-A-600H Certified IPC Trainer CIT Course Overview ScheduleHour Day 1 Day 2 Day 3S-8 Dielectric Materials andS-1 Training Certification S-13 Question and Answer1 Conductive PatternsPolicies and Procedures Period2 S-2 Introduction S-8 Continued S-14 ExamS-3 Printed Board Edges Base3 Material Surface and Subsurface S-9 Plated Through Holes S-14 Continued4 S-4 Solder Coatings and Holes S-9 Continue...

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1003 3 Pdf Sequence 1

n V-groove et al proposed a transportable miniaturized fiber-pigtailedfor optical fiber alignment and micro-mirror were measurement system for fluorescence spectroscopy inincluded Combing with anodic bonding technique to microfluidic channels 3 Excitation light was launchedadhere glass silicon structure and optical fiber for a into the microchannel by a single-mode fiber guide on topfluorescence e

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R01an1860ej0100 Rza1h

ion iodefinereg3216t 84 3 4 struct st peripheral function 84 4 define Macros 95 Support of MISRA C 2004 10R01AN1860EJ0100 Rev 1 00 Page 1 of 11Nov 27 2013RZ A1H Group PFV Sample Driver1 File ConfigurationTable 1 lists the file configurationiodefine h and iodefines peripheral function name iodefine h are used to define the registers of thecorresponding peripheral function of the RZ A1HTable 1 File

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diffusion model 2speed and poor retention at colored state are the The high leakage current is mainly contributed bymajor issues for low power operation To further reduced WO x due to the formation of local tungstenimprove device performance a fundamental study filament path The reduced WO x would result in aon switching mechanism for electrochrmic WO3 color change from transparent to dark colorat

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Masque Duck En

masqueduck.ai 2004 www cornemuse comCut color and transform your Mask as you wishCraft MaterialsFelt-tip pens or Glue Construction Scissors String orgouache paper ribbonSuggested Additional Craft MaterialsDuct All kinds of Fabric piecestape Sand peperFeather Cotton puffs Buttons Rice orwool pastaHow to make itRa just can t wait to see the Mask you will make Here is how you can make it1Print your f...

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Fit For A Princess Free Pattern By Rachel Baker

Microsoft Word - FIT FOR A PRINCESS free Pattern by Rachel Baker.doc FIT FOR A PRINCESSPainted and designed by Rachel Baker 2006Please read Pattern in regard to the line drawing pleaseFIT FOR A PRINCESSPainted and designed by Rachel Baker 2006MATERIALSWinsor and Newton masking fluidSoft grey pencil- 2hWhite eraserSize 4 round brushWater colour paper 300mg- A3 sizePigma permanent waterproof pen siz...

tbda.org/patterns/FIT FOR A PRINCESS free pattern by Ra...achel Baker.pdf
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  • Date: Sat Feb 9 11:56:50 2008
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Csa7404 User Manual

CSA7000 Series Serial Mask Testing & Serial Pattern Trigger and TDS6000 & TDS7000 Series Option SM Serial Mask Testing & Option ST Serial Pattern Trigger User Manual User ManualCSA7000 SeriesSerial Mask TestingSerial Pattern TriggerTDS6000 TDS7000 SeriesOption SM Serial Mask TestingOption ST Serial Pattern Trigger071-1035-03This document applies to firmware version 2 2and abovewww tektronix comCop...

matsolutions.com/Portals/0/Product documents/Tektronix ...User Manual.pdf
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Serene Seahorse Pin Doll A Free Pin Doll Pattern by AnLiNa Designs 2012General Instructions1 Pattern is a template meaning it does not includeseam allowances2 Use a 1 5mm stitch length3 User pinking shears to clip curves4 This Pattern works best with a cotton batik fabricPreparation1 Trace Pattern on freezer paper and cut out2 Fold fabric in half right sides together3 Iron template on one side of ...

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Mask Guidelines

Autocad design Mask making guidelines Autocad is one of the most commonly used programs used for Mask designs todayThis information is designed to help identify the procedures which must be used with Autocadto allow for successful conversion of DXF data to be used to image the masks with minimalconfusion or editingIn general Mask making using Autocad as a design medium is quite simple there are ho...

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Pattern Latex Small Mask

Print Small Mask.svg Strap ConnectorQty 2Face Mask SideQty 2 1 each sideThis side Up for Face LeftThis Side Down for Face Right1 inch x 1 inchSmall Latex Surgical Style Face Maskby MrMucoxInstructions1 Cut out the pattern2 Trace Pattern onto latex You ll need 2 of each piece Rember to flip Mask portion over for secondpiece3 Cut 2 3 4 strips of latex long enough to go around your head as shown in p...

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Smart Source Mask And Target Brion

Smart source Mask and target co-optimization to improve design related lithographically weak spotsNo-Young Chunga Pil-Soo Kanga Na-Rae Banga Jong-Du Kima Suk-Ju Leea Byung-Il ChoiaBong-Ryoul Choib Sung-Woon Parkb Ki-Ho Baikb Stephen Hsuc Rafael Howellc Xiaofeng LiucKeith GronlundcaSamsung Electronics Inc Nongseo-Dong Giheung-Gu Yongin-City Gyeonggi-Do 446-711KoreabASML Brion Korea 2-4 SeokWoo-Dong...

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Source Mask Optimization

Source Mask Optimization Methodology SMO Application to Real Full Chip Optical Proximity CorrectionDongQing Zhang a GekSoon Chua a YeeMei Foong a Yi Zou aStephen Hsub Stanislas Baronb Mu Fengb Hua-Yu Liub Zhipan LibSchramm Jessy a Tang Yun a Carl Babcock a Choi Byoung IL a Roling Stefan aAlessandra Navarra a Tanja Fischer a Andre Leschok aXiaofeng Liub Weijie Shib Jianhong Qiub Russell DoverbaGLOB...

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Mask Monologue Jenice

Mask jenice Jenice LeeMASKEDAssignment Choose an interesting masknd a picture of it and create aninteresting and engaging Performance PieceStep 1 Choose a Mask and answer the followingquestionsWhy did you choose this Mask 2 pointsI chose this Mask because I wanted to create acharacter that craves bees and gets scared by the othercreatures By making the Mask that looks like a bee hive I think it wo...

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RTL Guided Random-Pattern-Resistant Fault Detection and Low Energy BISTM B Santos J BragaP Coimbr o and J P Teixeira S Manich and L BaladoIST INESC Univ Politecnica de Catalunya UPCR Alves Redol 9 1000-029 Lisboa Portugal Barcelona Spainjct inesc pt manich eel upc esAbstract The purpose of this paper is to present a methodology for low-energy BIST in which a looselydeterministic test Pattern is ge...

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  • Date: Fri Mar 9 11:45:15 2001
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651 New Tybcom Paper Pattern

Microsoft Word - New TYBCOM Paper Pattern AC 10 02 2012Item No 4 40UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAIPaper Pattern for theT Y B ComFor Academic year 2011-12 2012-13T Y B Com Papers1 Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper III2 Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper IV3 Financial Accounting and Auditing Paper V4 Direct and Indirect Taxes5 Business Economics Paper III6 Commerce Paper III MHRM7 Export Marketing8 ...

nmcollege.in/nmadmin/newsbulletin/uploadnewsdocument/65...per pattern.pdf
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  • Date: Tue Mar 13 16:59:00 2012
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The Clue Of The Velvet Mask Nancy Pdf 2096585

The Clue of the Velvet Mask (Nancy Drew #30) by Carolyn Keene pdf eBook The Clue of the Velvet Mask Nancy Drew 30 by Carolyn Keene pdf eBookIt to help matt simmons is great choice all very well Even nancy is truly unique adventuregame and a mainstay of mildred success Players take on a stockbroker from sense of courseShe would love to offer this a few things Russell nancy very solid yellow with th...

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Easton Traffic Pattern

Easton Pattern Hogs NeckGolf CoursePreferred PatternEntry Approachfor RW 4Preferred PatternEntry Approach EASTON AIRPORT PATTERNfor RW 33CLASS D AIRSPACEEnd of Miles RiverTrailor ParkPreferred PatternPreferred Pattern Entry ApproachEntry Approach 22 for RW 15for RW 221533ResidentialCommunityEnd of Miles River4322teR ouRoute 50FactoryBuilding......

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Discussion On Firing Pattern In Blasting

Discussion on Firing Pattern in Blasting Discussion on Firing Pattern in BlastingBench blasting is normally carried out as short delay blasting The firing Pattern has to be designedso that each blasthole has free breakageThe delay time between blastholes and between rows has to be long enough to create space for theblasted rock from the succeeding rowsStudies have been made about the effect of the...

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Land E

RECOMMENDED LAND Pattern e b22e1cUnit mmPACKAGE PIN PITCH b2 2 c e1 e8-pin SSOP 0 65mm 0 35 1 0 1 95 5 9 0 6510-pin SSOP 0 5mm 0 3 1 0 2 0 5 9 0 510-pin SSOP-G TSSOP-G 0 5mm 0 3 1 0 2 0 3 5 0 514-pin SSOP 0 65mm 0 35 1 0 3 90 5 9 0 6516-pin SSOP 0 65mm 0 35 1 0 4 55 5 9 0 65RECOMMNENDED LAND PATTERNFFP-12Reference Chart0 05 0 050 55 Unit mm0 050 05 0 050 170 370 270 300 350 0250 49 0 27Screen Meta...

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  • Date: Tue Mar 4 13:53:16 2003
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Kitty Cupcake Magnets Amigurumi Pattern

Kitty Cupcake Magnets Amigurumi Pattern Kitty Cupcakesby stuffsusiemade blogspot comAn amigurumi Pattern for adorable cat shapedcupcake magnetsCopyright 2012 Susanna Nickalls of StuffSusieMadeKitty Cupcakesby stuffsusiemade blogspot comBio DataKitty Cupcake is crocheted in joined rounds This does leave aseam but then there s no need to mess around with stitchcounters which makes this Pattern super...

stuffsusiemade.nickalls.org/Kitty Cupcake Magnets Amigu...mi Pattern .pdf
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  • Date: Wed Jul 18 07:36:21 2012
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Advanced Diploma Programme Pattern 2012 13

Advanced Diploma Programme Pattern 2012-13 7 Sept 2012 LINGNAN INSTITUTE OF FURTHER EDUCATIONAdvanced Diploma ProgrammesCourse Pattern 2012 13ArtsCommunications and Public RelationsCourse Title No of Credits1st Term LCE001 General English I 3MWPH08 News Writing Editing 3LCED02 Business English 3ENGH13 Language for Advertising 3Free Elective 3LCE002 General English II 32nd TermLCC005 Basic Chinese ...

life.ln.edu.hk/documents/Advanced Diploma Programme Pat...ern 2012-13.pdf
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  • Date: Sun Sep 23 11:28:29 2012
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Bacus2008tsmc Holon Avi

Auto classification and simulation of Mask defects using SEM and CAD imagesTung Yaw Kang Hsin Chang LeeTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd25 Li Hsin Road Hsinchu Science Park Hsinchu 300 77 TaiwanH Zhang K Yamada Y Kitayama K KobayashiHolon Co Ltd1026 1 Minaminagai Tokorozawa Shi Saitama 359 0011 JapanPeter FiekowskyAutomated Visual Inspection LLC952 South Springer Road Los Altos CA 940...

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  • Date: Sat Oct 11 18:35:14 2008
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An0227v1 Pcb Pad Pattern For 48 Ball Wfbga 4x6mm Package

AN0227 - PCB Pad Pattern for 48 Ball WFBGA 4x6 mm Package APPLICATION NOTEPCB Pad Pattern for 48 Ball WFBGA 4x6 mm package1 IntroductionThis application note is a guideline which specifies the recommended Printed Circuit Board PCB padlayout for the 48 ball WFBGA 4x6 mm package This document is intended to be used in conjunctionwith the developer s process and surface mount practices to develop the...

mxic.co.jp/QuickPlace/hq/PageLibrary4825740B00298A3B.ns...6mm Package.pdf
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  • Date: Wed Mar 27 09:32:29 2013
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Holiday Pattern 2011 12

HASLINGDEN HIGH SCHOOL – HOLIDAY Pattern HASLINGDEN HIGH SCHOOL HOLIDAY PATTERNJuly 2011 AUGUST 2012Summer BreakSchool closes Friday 22 July 2011Inset Day Monday 5 September 2011School Re-opens Tuesday 6 September 2011 Y7 12Wednesday 7 September 2011 Y8 9 10 11 13Inset Days Thursday 15 September 2011Friday 16 September 2011Half-termSchool closes Friday 21 October 2011School re-opens Monday 31 Oc...

haslingden-high.lancsngfl.ac.uk/download/file/Holiday P...ern 2011-12.pdf
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  • Date: Fri Jan 14 11:18:25 2011
  • Pages: 1
Fresh Magazine Mask Template 2013 Pdf Mod Ajperes

cockatoo Mask Mask-making steps1 Print out the cockatoo Mask and beakoutlines Cut out the shapes and placeonto cardboard trace around each shapethe crepe paper in layers to cover mask3 Make the cockatoo s crest or yellowfeather by cutting and feathering ausing a black cardboard for the beak Cut longer piece of the crepe paper Stapleout solid lines and fold on dotted lines Staple onto the top of th...

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  • Date: Tue Jan 22 15:08:57 2013
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Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition Via a Genetic AlgorithmAngel Kuri MCENTRO DE INVESTIGACION EN COMPUTACIONINSTITUTO POLITECNICO NACIONALBlvd Adolfo L pez MateosCol LindavistaM xico D F729-6000 ext 54301akuri pollux cenac ipn mxAbstractIn this paper we describe a heuristic approach to the problem of identifying a Pattern embedded within a figure from a predefinedset of patterns via the utili...

cursos.itam.mx/akuri/PUBLICA.CNS/1997/Pattern Recogniti...Recognition.pdf
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  • Date: Sunday, 20 20e January 07:40:28 a.m.
  • Pages: 9