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Adding Questions To Question Bank

Transcript For video tutorial on adding questions to Question Bank In this video you will learn how to add questions to Question bankIn the course homepage click Question Bank on the left hand sideClick CategoriesCreate a new category For the questionsEnter the name of the new categoryClick Add categoryClick Questions on the left hand side to add questions to the Question bankSelect the category y...

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Syba Spl2 Question Bank Mid Term October 2011

Microsoft Word - SYBA Spl2 Question Bank Mid Term October 2011 SYBA Spl2 Question Bank Mid Term October 2011PHILOSOPHY SPECIAL 2HISTORY OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY1 100 241234567891011122 200 20123456783 300 16123......

philosophyshopsangamnercollege.yolasite.com/resources/S...ctober 2011.pdf
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1 5 Energy Action Planning Revised Table Format

Chapter 1 Question Bank For Energy Managers Energy AuditorsChapter 1 5 Energy Action PlanningPart I Objective type Questions And Answers1 The force field analysis in energy action planning deals with barriers havinga Positive forces only b negative forces onlyc Both negative And Positive forces d no forces2 From the combination below which is not a key element of a successful energymanagement prog...

em-ea.org/question bank/paper-1/1.5 energy action plann...ble format).pdf
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F1084687gate Electronics & Communication Engineering Previous Paper 2001

Microsoft Word - GATE-Electronics & Communication Engineering Previous Paper-2001 GATE-2001 1 of 6ELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION ENGINEERINGONE MARKS QUESTIONS bgmr01 The Voltage e0 in the figure is c gmrgmdr7 The ideal OP-AMP has the followingcharacteristicsa 2 V a Ri A R 04 b Ri A R0 0b V2 c Ri A R0c 4V d Ri 0 A R0d 8V 8 Consider the following two statements2 Each branch of a Delta circuit has Statem...

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Microsoft Word - English.doc Question Bank 2011-12Class -XII Subject - ENGLISHSection A - READING1 Read the following passage carefully1 Mount Everest has long attracted the curiosity of mystics scientists And thrill seekers who have forcenturies risked their lives to reach the top of its treacherous peak Their sometimes-deadly adventureshave been documented at length in magazines movies And books...

iisjaipur.org/IIS-Current-2011-12/Question Bank 2011-12...-12/English.pdf
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Qdb Methodology

GM Question Bank Description QDB MethodologyLanguage EnglishProject Area Flight StandardsProject Date 17 07 2009 to 17 07 2009Project reference GM Question BankProject Status FinalEuropean Aviation Safety Agency Ottoplatz 1 D-50679 Cologne Germany - easa europa euAn agency of the European UnionGM Question Bank 17 07 2009Methodology For setting up questionsand managing Question data banks forexamin...

easa.europa.eu/system/files/dfu/QDB ...Methodology.pdf
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Question Bank Psd2013

BPUT Question Bank For 4th SEM EE EC STUDENTS SESSION -202-13 SUB- PSDMODULE -1SHORT QUESTIONS1 The effective density of states function Nc at a given temperature For gallium arsenide is much lessthan the corresponding value For silicon germanium Identify the probable reason2 Which of the following material has highest electron mobility at a given temperature low dopingconcentration silicon GaAs o...

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Trinary1 Question Bank

Microsoft Word - Trinary1-Question-Bank.doc Astronomy 07 Life in the Universe Exam 1 Test BankChapters 1-6 Life develops on Earth1 Extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universeA will be unrecognizableB cannot existC will be identical to life on EarthD will be completely different than life on EarthE could be similar to life on Earth or might be completely different2 Astronomy has shown us that t...

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Question Bank

Question Bank S S INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH CENTRE DAVANGEREDEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS GYNAECOLOGY3rd Theory Internal Assessment examination8th 9th term Phase-III Part-II 98 studentsDate 07 11 2013 ThursdayTimings 10am to 1pm Total Marks 100LONG ESSEYAS 2 X 10 20 marks1 Define Classify anaemia Mention the causes How do you diagnosemanage iron deficiency anaemia at 34wks of pregnancy2 En...

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Microsoft Word - rpprob4IJMOT31122007.doc INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MICROWAVE And OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY 438VOL 3 NO 4 SEPTEMBER 2008A Circularly Polarized Rectangular Patch Antenna on aCylindrical SurfaceReena Pant Pradyot Kala1 S S Pattnaik2 And R C Saraswat3Department of Electronics Instrumentation Engineering M J P Rohilkhand University Bareilly-INDIA Emailpradyotbly yahoo co in1Department of Elect...

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Detailed Admission Notice Advt Gec Jan 2011 Batch & Application Format

Microsoft Word - DetailedADMISSIONNOTICE-Advt.-GEC-Jan2011batch.doc NATIONAL POWER TRAINING INSTITUTEAn ISO 9001 2000 And ISO 14001 certified OrganisationUnder the Ministry of Power Govt of IndiaSouthern RegionBLOCK-14 NEYVELI-607 803Telephone 04142 -269427 268185 Telegram TAPSHIKSHATeleFAX 04142-269427 E-mail nptisr rediffmail comADMISSION NOTICEGRADUATE ENGINEERS COURSE THERMAL 2011-12Fulfilling...

npti.in/pdf/Detailed_ADMISSION_NOTICE-__Advt.-_GEC-Jan_...tion format.pdf
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2007gate Question Papers Download Computer Sciences 2007

GATE Question papers: Computer Science And Engineering 2007 GATE Question papers - Computer Science And Engineering 2007 CSPublished by www questionpapers net inPrevious GATE Question Papers GATE online tests GATE Question Bank GATE textbooks Forum GATE Coaching Study tips andarticles Motivation Factors And many more at www questionpapers net inhttp www questionpapers net inGATE Question papers -...

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2006gate Question Papers Download Computer Sciences 2006

GATE Question papers: computer science And Engineering 2006 GATE Question papers Computer Science And Engineering 2006 CSPublished by www questionpapers net inPrevious GATE Question Papers GATE online tests GATE Question Bank GATE textbooks Forum GATE Coaching Study tips andarticles Motivation Factors And many more at www questionpapers net inhttp www questionpapers net inQ 1 - Q 20 Carry One Mar...

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Ec2303 Computer Architecture And Organization Question Bank 2

The KB For Engineering Students EC2303 - Computer Architecture And OrganizationUNIT I to V TWO MARK Question And ANSWERSBranch B E Electronics And Communication EngineeringYear III Semester VAnna University Regulation 2008UNIT I to V Question Bank EC2303 - Computer Architecture And OrganizationUNIT I INTRODUCTION2 MARKS1 Draw the full adder circuit NOV DEC 20072 Define Spatial expansion APRIL MAY ...

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Antenna And Wave Propagation

Microsoft Word - ANTENNA And WAVE PROPAGATION.doc KINGSCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGDEPARTMENT OF Electronics And COMMUNICATION ENGINEERINGAcademic Year 2012-2013 Even SemQUESTION Bank AUTT-R2008SUBJECT CODE NAME EC 1352 ANTENNEA And WAVE PROPAGATIONYEAR SEMESTER III VIUNIT I ANTENNA FUNDAMENTALSPART A 2 Marks1 Define an antenna2 What is meant by radiation pattern3 Define Radiation intensity4 Define Beam...

kingsindia.net/question bank even 13-14/ECE/III Year QB...PROPAGATION.pdf
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91718d1336476780 Colleges Can I Get After Scoring 28 000 Rank Eamcet Engineering Exam Eamcet 2011 Cut Off Marks


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Electronics Measurement & Instruments

BE Semester-IV EC Question Bank Electronic Measurement InstrumentsAll questions carry equal marks 10 marksQ 1 State And explain types of error And sources of error Explain the difference betweenaccuracy And precisionQ 2 Define 1 instrumental error 2 limiting error 3 calibration error 4environmental error 5 Random error 6 probable errorQ 3 Attempt the followingA The voltage reading is 70 V on its 1...
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Sault College Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation And Trades Electrical Engineering Technician - Section B 712 17 2015Process Automation And TradesOntario College Diploma 2 Years - 4 Semesters 4127705 759 6700 1 800 461 2260 www saultcollege ca Sault Ste Marie ON CanadaPROGRAM OVERVIEWSault College s Electrical Engineering Technician - Process Automation And Trades program is de...

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Sathyakumar Resume

Microsoft Word - Sathyakumar Resume SATHYAKUMAR S KUNTAEGOWDANAHALLICenter For Adaptive Neural Systems PO Box 874404 ASU Tempe AZ - 85287Ph 513 284-6862 Email srinidhi k83 gmail comEDUCATIONArizona State University Tempe ArizonaPhD Bioengineering August 2009 PresentUniversity of Cincinnati Cincinnati OhioMS Electrical Engineering Sept 2006 June 2009 3 98 4 00Birla Institute of Technology Science B...

ans.engineering.asu.edu/pdfs/Sathyak...umar Resume.pdf
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Instrumentation Engineering Technical Writing

II HYDERABAD SATURDAY 5 OCTOBER 2013 Quiz competition atThe configuration design BITS HyderabadATMOSEnigma a national2013and automation streamlevel general quiz byKrishnamurthi Josyulawill be held at BITS-Pi-lani Jawahar NagarVillage in ShamirpetHyderabad on October12 from 1 pm onwardsmentation systems of an in- of Technology Banaras For further detailsAsk the dustrial undertaking And thenature of...

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Microsoft Word - Engineering MATERIALS And METTALURGY.doc Sub Code Name ME1253-Engineering Materials MetallurgyKINGSCOLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGDEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGQUESTION BANKSub Code Name ME1253-Engineering Materials MetallurgyYear Sem II IVUNIT-I Constitution of alloys And phase diagramsPART-A1 Define Peritectic And Eutectoid reactions2 State the conditions under which two metallic e...

kings.ac.in/QB EVEN 10-11/MEC...H/II/ME1253.pdf
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Commercial Pilot Test Questions

Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank01 31 2011Bank Commercial PilotAirman Knowledge Test Question BankThe FAA computer-assisted testing system is supported by a series of supplement publications These publicationsavailable through several aviation publishers include the graphics legends And maps that are needed to successfullyrespond to certain test items Use the...

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Ajt Que Bank Foc

Que Bank Fiber Optic CommunicationFiber Optic Communication Question Bank with SolutionChap 1 IntroductionQ 1 Define telecommunicationAns Telecommunication is defined as the exchange of information over a certain distance usingsome type of equipmentQ 2 What is information carrying capacity of communication systemAns Information carrying capacity of communication system is to transmit certain amoun...

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Ch 4 Q Bank For De & Dw

STD - XII Sci 1 Question Bank Chemistry - I Question BANKStd XII Sci Ch 4 Electrochemistry1 Define the terms resistivity conductivity And molar conductivity Give their SI units2 State And explain Kohlrausch law of independent migration of ions How is it useful to determinethe molar conductivity of weak electrolytes at zero concentration3 State Faraday s laws of electrolysis VIP4 Define coulomb And...

edgeacademy.in/pdf/COLLEGE SECTION/SCIENCE/STD. XII/UNI...or DE & DW).pdf
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DESIRED LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE ( NEEDS FINE TUNNING) GAIL INDIA LIMITEDGAIL BHAWAN 16 BHIKAIJI CAMA PLACENEW DELHI 110066 PH 011 26172580GAIL is inviting applications from promising energetic young Graduate Engineers And HRprofessionals with brilliant academic records For filling up Discipline Category wise projectedvacancies of Executive Trainees as indicated belowPost UR SC ST OBC Non Creamy Layer ...
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Ntpc Executive Trainee Recruitment Advertisement

Microsoft Word - DetailedAdvt-13.doc Advertisement No 5 12Your GATE WAY toMegawattsof SUCCESSNTPC Limited is the largest utility in the country with an installed capacity of 39 174 MW through its 16coal based 7 gas liquid fuel And 7 joint venture power stations The company has been conferred withcoveted Maharatna status by Govt of India For its outstanding achievements over the yearsNTPC added a r...

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62 71

Australian Journal of Basic And Applied Sciences 8 10 July 2014 Pages 62-71 AENSI JournalsAustralian Journal of Basic And Applied SciencesISSN 1991-8178Journal home page www ajbasweb comPerformance Testing of Non-Linear pH Neutralization Using Bacterial ForagingAlgorithm1M Kandasamy And 2Dr S Vijayachitra1Department of Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering Erode Sengunthar Engineering Colleg...

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Venmsol Davinci Syllabus

SYLLABUSDAVINCI1.pdf EmbeddingValue to EngineeringE M B E D D E D D S P V L S I M AT L A B P R O J E C T SARE YOU A FRESHER ARE YOU HUNTING For JOBSTART YOUR CAREER IN DSP EMBEDDED SYSTEM GET PLACEDIN TOP EMBEDDED COMPANIESTI DAVINCI SYSTEM DESIGN100PLACEMENTASSUREDCourse FocusITI DaVinci System Design has designed provide in-depth instruction on the capabilities of the TI DavinCi digital media pr...

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RESULT NOTIFICATION No 15 OF 2013 The candidates bearing following Entrance Roll Numbers have provisionally been selected For admission tovarious B Tech Lateral Entry programmes For the academic session 2013B Tech Civil Engineering Lateral Entry 200027 200070 200094 200092 200021 200057B Tech Electrical Engineering 230043 230008 230031 230018B Tech Electronics Communication Engineering Lateral Ent...

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Real Time Control Of Magnetic Ball Suspension System Using Dspace Ds1104

dSPACE User Conference 2014 India Sept 12th 2014 Real Time Control of Magnetic-Ball-Suspension System Using dSPACE DS1104Dr P VenkateshAssociate Professor Department of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Thiagarajar College of EngineeringS BalamuruganAsst Professor Department of Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering KLN College of EngineeringABSTRACTThis paper describes the design princi...

dynafusiontech.com/pdf/Real Time Control of Magnetic-Ba...PACE DS1104.pdf
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  • Date: Fri Sep 19 15:35:45 2014
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