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K 3nycu My2013 Oos

Phonological awareness literacy screening K 3 News You Can Use Mid-Year 2013Mid-Year 2013 Screening WindowJanuary 7 March 1All Mid-Year scores must be entered into the Pals website by March 1 2013Get Ready for Mid-Year KindergartenMid-Year 2013 assessment materials may be downloadedTask max Mid-Year Rangefrom your Pals Online account Follow these stepsGroup Rhyme 10 9 10Log in to your Pals account...

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Final Blend Picture Flashcards

Initial blends Picture Cards Final blends Picture cardsctCopyright 2011 www sparklebox co ukinsectct injectFinal blends Picture cardsftCopyright 2011 www sparklebox co ukgiftft leftFinal blends Picture cardsldCopyright 2011 www sparklebox co ukcoldld worldFinal blends Picture cardsldCopyright 2011 www sparklebox co ukfieldld childFinal blends Picture cardslkCopyright 2011 www sparklebox co ukmilkl...

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SENTENCE STRUCTURE Picture RESOURCE Product OverviewThe Sentence Structure Picture Resource is a collection of reproducible Picture Cards and work-sheets that can be used to stimulate the production of simple sentences as children describeactions and locations This product is designed primarily for children between 4 and 8 years ofage The following components are includedSection 1 - Large Picture ...

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Jet1 Recommended Reading List

JET 1 Recommended Reading List Backpack 1 Herrera M Pinkley D 2005 LongmanStudent s Book 9781405800082Teacher s Guide 9781405800228Workbook 9781405800150Audio CD 9780582856899CD-ROM 9780582893894Backpack 2 Herrera M Pinkley D 2005 LongmanStudent s Book 9781405800099Teacher s Guide 9781405800235Workbook 9781405800167Audio CD 9780582856882CD-ROM 9780582893887English Adventure 1 Worrall Anne 2005 Lon...

lcci.it/JETSETDocuments/JET Recommended Reading/JET1 Re...eading List.pdf
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Pw4 Teachers Guide

Unit 4 128 Cambridge University Press and Edition Helbling 2000Unit 4UNIT 4 THE SPOOKY CASTLELESSON 1Vocabulary phrases and structuresrats in the basket on the chair under the chair What s the big small ghost s nameWhere is the big ghost s pen Where are the small ghost s roller blades They are underthe bed What colour is it What colour are theyLinguistic skillsLearning the meanings and pronunciati...

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Color Matching Cards Spanish

Color Matching CardsThese Cards are designed to help your child practice matchingcolors using Spanish words There are 11 pages colors shown inthis set with 6 Cards on each page One of the Cards shows abase color The base colors are rojo red anaranjado orangeamarillo yellow verde green azul blue morado purplerosado pink marron brown gris gray negro black andblanco white The last page also includes ...

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Parent Support Pack

s phasechildren do not necessarily need to be exposed to print However thisphase also continues through all the other phonic phases It is vital thatsounds are pronounced correctly for example m is continuouspronounced as mmmmm rather than muh Try not to add uh ontosounds This phase is when children learn the sounds of the alphabetPhase 2 Children learn to read and spell CVC words such as cat andsh

hunwickprimaryschool.org.uk/files/file/SEN/Parent suppo...upport pack.pdf
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Free Must Have Apps For Special Education

Free Must-Have iPad Apps For Special EducationABA Flash Cards Games Emotions This app covers over 20 different emotions via gorgeous flashcards and interactive gamesAutism Apps - Autism Apps is simply a comprehensive list of apps that are being used with and bypeople diagnosed with autism Down syndrome and other special needsAutismXpress This app is designed to encourage people with autism to reco...

teachercenter.cciu.org/pluginfile.php/2564/mod_page/con...l Education.pdf
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Susan Rivers Setsuko Toyama re Word CardsPictu3Card ListUnit 1 Pages 1 4 Unit 2 Pages 5 8 Unit 3 Pages 9 12Annie tree goatTed butterfly cowDigger flower horsegirl cloud chickenboy bird sheepdog lake catball garden milkbird girl mopboy gorilla motherpencil kangaroo netpoint key nightpizza kite nurseUnit 4 Pages 13 16 Unit 5 Pages 17 22 Unit 6 Pages 23 26pen one happybook two saderaser three coldpen...

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Pa 36 Beginning Sound Bingo

PA-36 Intervention Activities Guide IAGBlackline MastersPREPARATION OF MATERIALS Print Picture Cards and game boards Cut the TeacherPicture Cards apart To prepare for the game have students identify the pictures on their board aswell as the beginning sound they hear for each word Follow the directions for playTeacher Set 1 Teacher Set 2moon pig rope watchsnake turtle violin heartlion car newspaper...

https://tpri.org/resources/documents/PA Activities/PA-3...Sound Bingo.pdf
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Ah Lesson Plan Archer And The Sun 1

stration of flag of ChinaMarkersStory Strips worksheetScissorsBlackboard or WhiteboardPencilsLined paperBig ball such as an inflatable beach ballFlashlightBlack construction paperWatercolor paints and brushesContainers of waterWhite watercolor paperGlue or tapeScissorsUnlined paper 8 inches x 11 inchesThe Archer and the Sun Picture Cards worksheetsCoins 3 per each group of 4 studentsOptional Mater

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cabulary and thusmotivate students to become avid lifelong readersEffective Vocabulary InstructionScienti c research on vocabulary instruction tells us two Students are introduced to academic vocabulary with aimportant points clear and colorful visual preview As they sing songs andMost vocabulary is learned indirectly through work with Picture Cards students have repeated experiencesexperiences wi

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Health & Unhealthy Teeth Templates

Health & Unhealthy Tooth PosterLayout 1 SNACKS DRINKS - HAPPY HEALTHY SAD UNHEALTHY TEETH Teachers SectionActivityHappy Sad Food Display CardsWe have created Happy and Sad Picture Cards which can be downloaded from the 543 Junior websitewww 543junior co uk titled Happy Tooth Food Images and Sad Tooth Food ImagesThey include text and a visual image to identify which snacks and drinks can make teeth...

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Microsoft Word - Week2GoalsPlace2.doc Week 2 Placement 210 28 - 11 1GoalsINTASC 1I will develop my interdisciplinary approaches by including interdisciplinary connections duringlessonsINTASC 2I will activate prior knowledge and experiences by incorporating connections between current contentand background experiences during lessonsReflectionsGoalsOne of my goals included using interdisciplinary ap...

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Phonics Onset and Rime P 031Change-A-WordObjectiveThe student will blend onsets and rimes to make wordsMaterialsDouble rime Picture Cards Activity Master P 031 AM1a - P 031 AM1bOnset and rime Cards Activity Master P 031 AM2Note Some onsets will be used more than onceActivityStudents make words using one rime and different onsets1 Place the double rime Picture Cards face down in a stack on a flat s...

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Imagineit Grade3

ImagineIt!Program Inventory.xls SRA McGraw-Hill Imagine ItInstructors Publisher Inventory Checklist Room Grade 3Grade 3 Materials In Out Grade 3 Materials In OutStudent Materials Core Program ComponentsStudent Reader Book 1 Book 2 Skills Practice Workbook 1 ATEPhonics Kit Skills Practice Workbook 2 ATEDecodable Take-Home Stories BLM TransparenciesHigh Frequency Word Cards Home ConnectionSound Spe...

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En 3 1135 13736 1247 Doc

5 Sunny Windy Rainy1 2 3 4 3Unit 5 Sunny Windy Rainy 4- Ksimple present and simple past tense Kcan can t K- was were K Psubject verb agreement KKK A PKA P-simple present andsimple past tensecan can twasweresubject verb agreementbe simple presentand simplepast tenseKey Vocabulary cloudy cold cool hot rainy snowysunny warm windyRecycled Vocabulary bat cave in the park kite old newschool the ocean wh...

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a balance to find out which of two then three teddieslunch boxes shoes is lighter or whether a large packet ofcotton wool is heavier or lighter than a small tin of tomatoesFill and empty containers describing them as full half fullempty or as having more less in them after filling emptyingFind pick out or make objects that are taller shorter widerthinner or heavier lighter than a given one for exa

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  • Date: Wed May 5 15:20:31 1999
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Pa Final Part3

PAFinal.indd Student CenterActivitiesPhonological AwarenessPart 3Produced by the Florida Center for Reading ResearchCopyright Florida Department of Education 2005371-2115A-5CA01ContentsPhonological AwarenessPhonemePA 032 One Card OutPA 033 Sound Snacker-Sound SmackerPA 034 Hoop ItPA 035 Sound TrainPA 036 Sound DiscoveryPA 037 Pack-A-BackpackPA 038 Sound Pictures and Picture PuzzlesPA 039 Sound Bag...

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Unit 12 Chetempofa Whatstheweatherlike 14giugno

Microsoft Word - Unit12Che tempo fa What’s the weather like4maggio.doc Unit 12 Che tempo fa MFL ItalianWhat s the weather like Year 4About the unit New languageIn this unit children learn more phrases about the weather and how to say the temperature Describing the weatherincluding with negative numbers Esopo s fable Il Vento e il Sole The Wind and the Sun Revision of numbers up to 40is used and ...

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2012 Summer Cup E Program

2012 Summer Cup Inside Page 1 Welcome 18 - 19 August 2012Page 2 PLaying Leagues SBSC Summer CupPage 3 Sponsors and ScoringPage 4 Local SitesPage 5 City MapTournament Director s Welcomebrackets but players andWelcome to thetheir families can enjoy aSanta Barbara Soccer Clubrange of activities such as2012 Summer Cup Thankswalking to the beach justfor coming to play we reminutes from the playingglad ...

santabarbarasc.org/docs/2012 Summer Cu...p E Program.pdf
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July Week One1

Microsoft Word - July Week One.docx JULY CURRICULUM IN THE BEGINNINGCurriculum Theme The Creation StoryScriptural Reference Genesis 1 2 4Memory Verse Psalms 148 4-5 NIVPraise Him you highest heavens and you waters above the skiesLet them praise the name of the LORD for at His command they were createdWorship Song Ideas King of the Jungle Worship Rock volume 2 for KidsBible Lesson Six Days of Creat...

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in time with the jingle Start with any word and repeat the jingle inserting therhyme endingthe w the lipstick st high-legged bow-legged bouncing be g Pain the wain the lipstick stain high-legged bow-legged bouncing bainThe rime ending stays the same but the onset changes to w then st and finally b There is noneed to make this explicit to the children they just imitate as you say the jingle startin

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  • Date: Mon Aug 17 15:26:21 1998
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Pa 008a

Phonological Awareness Rhyme PA 008Rhyming GameObjectiveThe student will recognize rhyming wordsMaterialsRhyming Game board Activity Master PA 008 AM1a - PA 008 AM1bCopy on card stock assemble and laminateRhyming Picture Cards Activity Master PA 008 AM2a - PA 008 AM2dNumber cube Activity Master PA 008 AM3Copy on card stock and assembleGame pieces e g countersActivityStudents match rhyming words wh...

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  • Date: Mon Apr 16 08:58:25 2012
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Assess Plan Data Sample1

Microsoft Word - AssessPlan& Assessment Planning Data CollectionAssessment Planning Data CollectionAssessment Planning Data CollectionAssessment Planning Data CollectionUniversity of Kentucky Assistive Technology UKAT ProjectStudent Name Robin Perch DOB Age 6 12 89 12 yrs School District Fayette Co Date 10 20 01NOTE Complete a new form for each demandRequesting items from unfamiliar persons in app...

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  • Date: Wed Jun 26 16:27:28 2002
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Stoffverteilungsplan1 Nrw

Daran orientiert man sich Stoffverteilungsplanf r Nordrhein-WestfalenKlasse 1PLAYWAY Klasse 110Integration in denUnit Textsorten und Aktivit ten Wortschatz Phrasen und Strukturen ZeitrahmenGesamtunterrichtPlayway Teacher s Book1 Hello m Max Cartoon StoryI ood morning Hello I m Max What s your nameG Musik ca 2 WochenEinklebebilder Listen and stick in the pictures SachunterrichtinidialogeM Mathemati...

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Take Action Booklet

omia regionsThe partnership offers proven home-based care practices Community Maternal and NewbornHealth Birth to 48 Hours that can help to prevent maternal and newborn death and disabilityfrom birth to 48 hours Health extension workers HEWs and other health workers such as com-munity health volunteers and traditional birth attendants use this information with women andtheir families In a meeting

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Extinct 5e

UC Irvine FOCUS 5 E Lesson PlanTitle Extinct AnimalsGrade Level and Course7th Life ScienceGrades 9-12 BiologyMaterials Animal Picture Cards and Internet list of facts paperInstructional Resources UsedAnimal Picture CardsInternet fact sheethttp www tropical-rainforest-animals com Animal-Extinction htmlCalifornia State StandardsGrade 7 Life Science3e - Students know that extinction of a species occu...

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Activities Landforms

Directions Print out the following Picture Cards on card stockCut along the dotted linesShuffle the deck of cardsFollow the following script when practicing the landform vocabulary with the studentTeacher This is a hill Pauses for 5 seconds WhatStudent A hillContinue using this same script for the rest of the landformsIf a student gives the wrong response say No it s a hill and then go through the...

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Microsoft Word - tch3-5.doc Get GrowingWhen students finish working though this section1 They will be able to describe the life cycle of a farm raised REAL TREE2 They will have completed a graphic organizer about the life cycle of a REAL TREE3 They will have compared the REAL TREE life cycle with the cycle of school yearsConiferous trees just like all other living things grow in a cycle Tree farms...

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