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Particle Physics Linux Systems quick reference Logging inWe have two general purpose interactive login machines pplxint1 and pplxgenng These are intended forgeneral desktop type work e g running text editors compilers interactive root jobs short tests for largecalculation jobs long-running CPU intensive jobs should run on the batch system see belowFrom a Linux machine or a MacOpen a terminal windo...

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  • Date: Thu Oct 30 10:11:34 2008
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Cv Ewelina

Curriculum Vitae Ewelina SzymanskaAddressThe Open UniversityFaculty Of ScienceDepartment Of Physical SciencesWalton HallMilton KeynesMK7 6AAUnited Kingdommobile 44 0 7593257014email e szymanska open Ac ukhomepage htpp www Physics open Ac uk eszymanskaPersonal DetailsGender FemaleDate Of birth 4th Of August 1986Place Of birth Mlawa PolandPresent Citizenship PolandEducationSince 11 2011 Ph D student...

physics.open.ac.uk/~eszymanska/photos.../CV ewelina.pdf
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Contemporary Physics 22 Oct 12

January 7 2013 BAYES AND FREQUENTISM A PARTICLEPHYSICIST S PERSPECTIVE 1Louis LyonsBlackett Lab Imperial College London SW7 2BW UKandParticle Physics Oxford OX1 3RHe-mail l lyons Physics ox Ac ukAbstractIn almost every scienti c eld an experiment involves collecting dataand then analysing it The analysis stage will often consist in trying toextract some physical parameter and estimating its uncert...

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  • Date: Mon Jan 7 13:27:24 2013
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C5 Physicsofatmospheresandoceans Sectiona Lecture3 Warmcloudmicrophysics

C5PhysicsOfAtmospheresAndOceansSectionALecture3WarmCloudMicrophysics.pptx C5 Physics Of Atmospheres and OceansLecture 3 Warm Cloud Microphysics4th Year Undergraduate LectureMichaelmas Term 2011Department Of PhysicsDr Philip StierDepartment Of PhysicsAtmospheric Oceanic and Planetary PhysicsOriel CollegeDownload slides handouts from http www2 Physics ox Ac uk contacts people stierBuoyancy Stability...

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  • Date: Mon Oct 24 08:18:56 2011
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April 24 2008 Statistical Issues in Particle PhysicsLouis LyonsParticle Physics Keble Rd Oxford OX1 3RH UK andBlackett Lab Imperial College Prince Consort Rd London SW7 2BW UKe-mail l lyons Physics ox Ac ukAbstractMany statistical issues arise in the analysis Of Particle Physics experi-ments This review covers such questions as Do we really need coverageShould we insist on at least a 5 e ect to cl...

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  • Date: Thu Apr 24 23:54:05 2008
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Tvickey Cv A4

Curriculum Vitæ Department Of Physics andAstronomyUniversity Of She eldTrevor Vickey Hicks Building Houns eld RoadCurriculum Vit She eldtrevor vickey cern ch S3 7RH United Kingdomwww Physics ox Ac uk users vickey 44-114-22-24362Major Research InterestsExperimental high-energy Physics Higgs boson properties BSM Higgs bosonsearches searches for new Physics in tau lepton nal states graviton SUSY Z t...

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  • Date: Wed Dec 31 13:30:01 2014
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Biodata Jobyjoseph

Joby Joseph Department Of PhysicsIndian Institute Of Technology Delhi New Delhi India 110016Phone 011 26591336 off 26582007 res 9968292007 mobEmail joby Physics iitd Ac in jobyiitd gmail comAreas Of SpecializationOptics and Photonics covering optical processing using photorefractive biological and polymer materialsFourier Optics holographic data storage optical pattern recognition digital holograp...

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  • Date: Fri Sep 7 09:33:32 2012
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Master Class Particle Physics

Particle Physics 4th feb 2015 Master Classes in Physics for Y12 and Y134rd Feb 2015Taking A level a step furtherfor students with a REAL interest in PhysicsTHINK SMALL PARTICLE PHYSICSATLAS Simulated Higgs decaying into four muonsVenueTalks in A33Labwork in C16Programme10 30 Welcome and refreshments Physics Foyer10 40 Research at Lancaster short talk11 00 Historical development Of Particle Physics...

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  • Date: Tue Jan 27 09:39:59 2015
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Wasp Pceb

Astronomy Astrophysics manuscript no pcebred c ESO 2014 May 26 2014Period and amplitude variations in post-common-envelopeeclipsing binaries observed with SuperWASPM E Lohr1 A J Norton1 D R Anderson2 A Collier Cameron3 F Faedi4 C A Haswell1C Hellier2 S T Hodgkin5 K Horne3 U C Kolb1 P F L Maxted2D Pollacco4 I Skillen6 B Smalley2 R G West4 and P J Wheatley41Department Of Physical Sciences The Open U...

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  • Date: Mon May 26 09:52:47 2014
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INSTITUTE Of Physics PUBLISHING NANOTECHNOLOGY Nanotechnology 18 2007 044005 8pp doi 10 1088 0957-4484 18 4 044005Electrical characterization Of 7 nm longconjugated molecular wires experimentaland theoretical studiesChangsheng Wang1 Andrei S Batsanov1 Martin R Bryce1Geoffrey J Ashwell2 Barbara Urasinska2 Iain Grace3 andColin J Lambert31Department Of Chemistry Durham University Durham DH1 3LE UK2Th...

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  • Date: Fri Dec 8 11:07:34 2006
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U Qr

Physics I PH101 UNIT QR QUICK RECAPITULATION Of SELECTPARTS Of UNITS 1-7Lagrangian L L q qL LWe need partial derivatives andq qWe shall re-examine the significance ofpartial and total derivativesAlso we shall discuss briefly again theadvantages Of Lagrangian and Hamiltonianformulations over Newtonian formulationPCD-08Next we shall briefly revisit spherical polarcoordinate system explain how the un...

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  • Date: Mon Sep 22 17:55:11 2008
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Microsoft Word - Bradleyvariablestar.doc MPhys Project AbstractTitle Of projectObservation Of Short Period Eclipsing Binary Variable Stars and Analysis Of their LightCurvesSupervisor D I BradleyShadow supervisor J WildArea1 AstronomyNo Of places available2 minimum 2 maximum 4Abstract3During your literature search you will search for and select a small group Of short periodeclipsing binary Stars th...

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  • Date: Fri Mar 9 09:04:07 2012
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Physics Reading List 2014

NEW COLLEGE Reading Lists for PhysicsCongratulations on obtaining a place at New College and we look forward to welcoming you in OctoberAfter the stresses Of A-level exams you will no doubt want a break from study However during the summeryour natural intellectual curiosity may return leading to a desire to learn more about Physics before arriving atOxford Below we have provided some suggestions f...

new.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/files/sites/all/files/Physic...g list 2014.pdf
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Sasaki S Priority

Microsoft Word - Sasaki S. Priority.docx Topological quantum phenomena Of superconducting topological insulatorsDr Satoshi SasakiRecently the search for Majorana fermions MFs has become one Of the mostprominent subjects in condensed matter Physics If found MFs will deepen ourunderstanding Of quantum Physics and foster innovations in future quantumtechnologies Theoretically MFs may reside in variou...

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  • Date: Tue Oct 28 11:56:45 2014
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Nonlinearity 19 1141

INSTITUTE Of Physics PUBLISHING NONLINEARITY Nonlinearity 19 2006 1141 1164 doi 10 1088 0951-7715 19 5 006Arnol d tongues and quantum accelerator modesItalo Guarneri1 2 3 Laura Rebuzzini1 2 and Shmuel Fishman41 Center for Nonlinear and Complex Systems Universit dell Insubria via Valleggio 11 I-22100aComo Italy2 Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Sezione di Pavia via Bassi 6 I-27100 Pavia Italy3...

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  • Date: Mon Apr 10 11:07:54 2006
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Gce O Level 2012 Physics 5058 Paper 1 Solutions

GCE O Level October November 2012 Suggested Solutions Physics 5058 01 version 1 0Ans Workings Remarks1 A The positive zero error is 0 03 mm The reading is 1 84 mmThus final reading 1 84 0 03 1 81 mm2 A We can use parallelogram Of forces to determine the final resultant velocityResultantvelocity400 km h100 km h3 A Average speedtotal distancetotal timeTotal distance can be calculated by finding out ...

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  • Date: Tue Nov 20 00:56:19 2012
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J Appl Phys 71 5772

Experimental studies Of a microsecond plasma opening switch in the positive polarity regime with inductive load/extraction ion diode Experimental studies Of a microsecond plasma opening switch in thepositive polarity regime with inductive load extraction ion diodeV M Bystritskii I V Lisitsyn and V A SinebryukhovInstitute Of Electrophysics Ekaterinburg 620 219 RussiaS N Volkov and Ya E KrasikInstit...

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  • Date: Thu Aug 26 03:59:10 1999
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Bull Astr Soc India 2010 38 77 82 A CCD photometric study Of the newly discovered contactbinary ASAS 134738 0410 1Sukanta Deb1 Harinder P Singh1 T R Seshadri1 and Ranjan Gupta21Department Of Physics Astrophysics University Of Delhi Delhi 110007 India2Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics IUCAA Post Bag 4Ganeshkhind Pune 411007 IndiaReceived 2010 April 9 accepted 2010 May 20Abstrac...

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  • Date: Wed Nov 10 22:25:29 2010
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Advances In Electronics And Electron Physics Volume 54 V 54 P 3zsti

Download Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics. VOLUME 54 (v. 54).pdf Free Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics VOLUME 54 v 54ByTopics in Applied Physics Volume 97Topics in Applied Physics Volume 97 while at the same time advances in electronics and optics have relatedelectron systems The last Chapter by Herrmann et al deals with terahertz imaging in which some importantresults are ...

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  • Date: Sun Feb 22 12:15:24 2015
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Kendrew Iau311 Poster

Integral Field Spectroscopy Of High6Redshi8 Galaxies with the E6ELT spectrograph HARMONIS Kendrew 1 S Zieleniewski1 N ThaIe1 J Devriendt1R Houghton1 T Fusco2 M Tecza1 F Clarke1 K O Brien11University Of Oxford 2ONERA 7 Parissarah kendrew astro ox Ac ukABSTRACTWe present here rst results Of novel simulated integral eld A HARMONI observaHon Of this galaxy was simulated using aspectroscopic observaHon...

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  • Date: Tue Jul 29 20:28:41 2014
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Wasp 27b

ms.dvi Independent discovery Of the transiting exoplanet HAT-P-14bE K Simpson 1 S C C Barros 1 D J A Brown 2 A Collier Cameron 2 D Pollacco 1 I Skillen 3 HC Stempels 4 I Boisse 5 F Faedi 1 G H brard 5 J McCormac 1 P Sorensen 6 R A Street 7eD Anderson 8 J Bento 9 F Bouchy 5 10 O W Butters 11 B Enoch 2 C A Haswell 12 L Hebb 13C Hellier8 S Holmes 12 K Horne 2 F P Keenan 1 T A Lister 7 P F L Maxted 8 ...

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  • Date: Wed Feb 2 13:41:39 2011
  • Pages: 19
Fundamental Properties Of Kepler Planet Candidate Host Stars Using Asteroseismology 2013 Astrophysical Journal

C: The Astrophysical Journal 767 127 17pp 2013 April 20 doi 10 1088 0004-637X 767 2 127C 2013 The American Astronomical Society All rights reserved Printed in the U S AFUNDAMENTAL PROPERTIES Of KEPLER PLANET-CANDIDATEHOST Stars USING ASTEROSEISMOLOGYDaniel Huber1 16 William J Chaplin2 3 J rgen Christensen-Dalsgaard3 Ronald L Gilliland4 Hans Kjeldsen3Lars A Buchhave5 6 Debra A Fischer7 Jack J Liss...

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  • Date: Tue Apr 2 21:15:41 2013
  • Pages: 17

doi:10.1016/S0304-8853(03)00485-2 ARTICLE IN PRESSJournal Of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 268 2004 123 131A tunnel junction between a ferromagnet anda normal metal magnon-assisted contributionto thermopower and conductanceEdward McCann Vladimir I Fal koDepartment Of Physics Lancaster University Lancaster LA1 4YB UKReceived 3 March 2003AbstractWe develop a theoretical model Of magnon-assisted t...

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  • Authors: none
  • Date: Tue Oct 21 08:50:23 2003
  • Pages: 9
Boardman Iau311 Poster

The Dark Haloes Of Early- Type Galaxies Extended IFU Kinema cs for NGC 3998Nicholas Boardmana Anne- Marie Weijmansa Remco van den Boschbnm st- andrews Ac uk a School Of Physics and Astronomy University Of St Andrews UKb Max Planck Ins tute for Astronomy Heidelberg GermanyDark haloes were con rmed around spiral galaxies several decades ago but similar work on Early- Type Galaxies ETGs remainsac ve ...

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  • Date: Wed Jun 18 14:33:33 2014
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Davies2002 123

INSTITUTE Of Physics PUBLISHING Physics IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY Phys Med Biol 47 2002 3679 3689 PII S0031-9155 02 52384-8The development Of terahertz sources and theirapplicationsA G Davies E H Lin eld and M B JohnstonCavendish Laboratory University Of Cambridge Madingley Road Cambridge CB3 0HE UKE-mail agd11 cam Ac uk A G DaviesReceived 25 March 2002Published 17 October 2002Online at stacks iop o...

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  • Date: Wed Oct 16 14:17:35 2002
  • Pages: 11
Physics Postgraduate Guide

LANCASTER UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT Of Physics Physics POSTGRADUATE GUIDE 2014 15ForewordWe are delighted to welcome you to the Physics Department at Lancaster and hope that thisguide will be a useful source Of information especially in the early weeks when you arefinding your way aroundAny suggestions for items which you think should be included in next year s ...

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  • Date: Thu Aug 14 12:15:24 2014
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Zotero Untuk Penulisan Ilmiah V1 13


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Tiered Storage

Tiered Storage Solution 12.16.11 no TLAs.indd SSD Tiered Storage SolutionBlueprint based on AssuredSANTM 3003 SeriesStorage at the Speed Of BusinessSSD storage tier meets high performance HDD s to accelerate per-formance in special purpose le systems and virtual desktops byaddressing contention and boot storms Based on the AssuredSANTM3003 Series these Solutions can reach ve 9 s Of availabilityTHE...

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  • Date: Fri Dec 16 15:35:22 2011
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Manpower Created

S NO Student Name Qualification Year College Name Project Title 1 J S Saranya M Pharm 2010 Madras medical College Formulation and Evaluation Of LevodopaChennai Nanoparticles Targeting Brain throughIntranasal route2 V S Aishwarya Devi M Sc 2010 Madras University Chennai Optimization Of the formulation andNanotechnology Characterization Of Pyrazinamide loadedChitosan Nanoparticles Chitosan coatedGol...

physics.iitm.ac.in/~ramp/images/manpo...wer created.pdf
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  • Date: Thu Jan 2 12:40:19 2014
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Revised Proposal On Citations For Sls Version 2

Lancas ter University Faculty Of Science and Technology Citations data for promotion to Senior Lecturer process for FSTBackgroundFaculties have received the following requestAt a recent meeting Of the central Promotions Committee initial consideration was givento how the Citations Data procedure that is already applied to Professorial Pay Reviewcould be extended for use with promotions to Senior L...

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  • Date: Thu May 14 14:32:36 2009
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