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China Oil Rig Finishes First Phase Of Drilling In Waters Claimed By Vietnam

China Oil Rig finishes first phase of Drilling in waters claimed by Vietnam af reuters com Tuesday May 27 2014A giant Chinese Oil Rig has finished its first round of Drilling in South China Seawaters also claimed by Vietnam and moved to another site in the area the Rig soperator China Oilfield Services Ltd COSL said on Tuesday In a statement COSLsaid exploration would still take place off the Xish...

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Bounty Oil Asx Release Utopia Oil Development Drilling 18 01 2011

Microsoft Word - Bounty Oil ASX Release Utopia Oil Development Drilling 18-01-2011 18th January 2011ASX MEDIA RELEASEUtopia Oil Development Drilling UpdateBounty Oil Gas NL Bounty announces an update on it s Oil development Drilling program in theUtopia FieldThe Utopia Field lies 50km southeast of the town of Eromanga in SW Queensland and contains oilreserves of 3 MMbo 1 2 MMbo net to Bounty in th...

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Workshop Equipment

Chicago Pneumatic - Workshop Equipment Workshop People Passion PerformanceEquipmentOur HistoryDecadesof innovationFounded over 110 years ago Chicago Pneumatic has1901 single-valve pneumatic hammerFirst a strong history of constantly looking for new ways to meet your1904 electric tools and railway speedFirst needs today and tomorrowrecorderWay back in 1889 John W Duntley realized that construction ...

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Alpha Star Baixa 2014 Revisada

ALPHA STARAlpha Star is a 6th generation semi-submersible Drilling Rig Drilling Equipment MOORING SYSTEMconstructed in Keppel Fels shipyard in Singapore Derrick NOV 185 x 43 x 40 ft Nominal Hook Load 2 000 000 lb Winches 2 Broehl CAMW-30 2000kN Holding capacityThe Rig follows the DSSTM38 design and is equipped with Drawworks NOV SSGD-1000-6000-48-82-9 6 000 HP 6010 kNhigh-tech devices that ensures...

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Torsion Bolt Lab Spring 2013

You are an engineer working for the Big Bucks Oil Corporation, assigned to an Oil Rig off the coast of California updated 1 20 13Torsion - Bolt LaboratoryYou are an engineer working for the Drill N Oil Corporation assigned to an Oil Rig off the coastof California Your first week on the job your boss comes to you with a problem The boltsholding together a critical flange assembly have been breaking...

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ndard gear setsinitely knows its products was founded in 1912 worm gearing but can manufacture custom gearingFor the last loo years Cleveland was often used for rear axle drives on per the customer s designsGear has been a leader in the gearing automobiles As this technology was With more than 1 500 hobs in stockindustry in producing highly reliable phased out of use in automobiles the and its Mas

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Potable Water 300 D

Oil Rig - Potable Water 300 D Application serviceUsed in the offshore petroleum industry to transfer potable water for human consumption fromshore to supply vessels and from supply vessels to offshore platforms and Drilling rigs A toughflexible crush and kink resistant construction for long service life in the most arduous workingconditionsConstructionTube white smooth EPDM rubber food quality to ...

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New Product Addresses Key Safety Issue For Oil Gas Drilling

Microsoft Word - New product addresses key safety issue for Oil & gas Drilling James Fisher and SonsPUBLIC LIMITED COMPANYPRESS RELEASE6 August 2012New product addresses key safety issue for oilgas drillingJames Fisher Sons plc is pleased to announce the launch of a newsafety product the Weak Link Bail This innovative solution hasbeen proven in North Sea operations and has wide applicability toimp...

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Drillingtechnologies2013 Web

Aker Solutions 1 Drilling TechnologiesPreferred partnerDrilling TechnologiesWith industry leadingperformance and safetyrecords for more thanforty years our state-of-the-art productssystems and servicesmake us the preferredpartnerAker Solutions 3Drilling TechnologiesDrilling systems and technologiesAker Solutions delivers oilfield products systems and In the 1960s Oil companies discovered Oil and g...

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Equip Safe Front End Loader Training Daily Checklist

Daily Checklist | Front End Loader Training | Equip-safe ACCREDITED SAFETY TRAINING FOR Equipment OPERATORSDaily Checklist Include any checks as per the operator s manual Front end loaderTo be carried out at the start of each day Checklist log to be retained with vehicleAny defects are to be listed in Defects Log and supervisor to be notified of defect Supervisor to arrange repairs of defectsPlace...

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Kardisi is one of the major Oil field materials Equipment services supply Companies We have been delivering unique and highlyprofessional procurement and purchasing services to our clients all overMiddle East The dedication we have for our customers coupled withour in-depth understanding of the markets in which we operate to supplythe bestWhy we are unique one of the reasons that keeps us as the b...

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Rfid Tags Inventory Control On Metal Equipment Offshore Oil Industry Saipem

Saipem Deploys RFID Tags for Asset Tracking on Offshore Oil Rigs l Case Study Omni-ID Case StudyRFID Best PracticesAsset Tracking in theOil and Gas IndustrySaipemJanuary 2010case study saipem corporationIndustry Oil and GasChallenge Saipem transports many types of large industrial Equipment around the world Manuallytracking these assets is prohibitively time consuming and costly A system was neede...

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Optimized Bha Improves Rop Eastern Siberia

Optimized BHA Performance Improves ROP 28%, Saves Rig Time in Vankorskoe Oil Field CASE STUDYOptimized BHA Performance Improves ROP 28Saves Rig Time in Vankorskoe Oil FieldUsing the PowerDrive vorteX RSS ROPO software and EcoScope LWD servicean operator reached TD nearly 10 days ahead of schedule in Eastern SiberiaCHALLENGE Optimize Drilling performance in East Siberian Oil fieldIncrease Drilling ...

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Drilling ESSENTIALS FOR NEW ENGINEERS NON-TECHNCAL PROFESSIONALSGain a beginning to end view of the entire process activities around the rigand well planning to enhance team efficiency and productivity9 10 JUNE 2014 KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA16 17 July 2014 BANGKOK THAILAND23 - 24 JULY 2014 SINGAPORE28 - 29 JULY 2014 PERTH AUSTRALIA22 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2014 KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA27 28 OCTOBER 2014 BRISBANE...

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Rigdirectory2003 04

Rig Directory 2003-NRV World Oil sMarine Drilling Rigs2003 2004The following pages list performance data foreach of 625 mobile offshore Drilling units inworldwide competitive and state-ownedfleets Listings are separated into four cate-gories including jackups 381 semisub-mersibles 172 drillships and barges exclud-ing inland barges 63 and submersibles 9Owners and rigs are listed alphabeticallywith ...

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HCI Deepsea Oil Explorer - Kurzexpose.indd Schiffsbeteiligungen Immobilienfonds Private Equity Dachfonds FlugzeugfondsHCI DEEPSEA Oil EXPLORERLSUCHE 2 400 METER UNTER DEM MEER2HCI Deepsea Oil ExplorerDie BeteiligungEckdaten Teil durch erneuerbare Energien zu de- neuen l- und Gasvorkommen einecken Gr ter Energielieferant ist und immer gr ere Bedeutung zuMindestbeteiligung 15 000 USDbleibt daher Erd...

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Ins Kankyou02e

untitled 1Environmental Checklist 2 Oil and Natural Gas DevelopmentCategory Environmental Item Main Check Items Confirmation of Environmental ConsiderationsHave EIA reports been officially completedHave EIA reports been approved by authorities of the host country s government1 EIA and Have EIA reports been unconditionally approved If conditions are imposed on the approval of EIAEnvironmental repor...

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27687 Mudengineerv2 0

MudEngineerv2.0.xls 395Mud Checkers IncOPERATIONDrilling Mud Report NoAPIPresenty ActivityDate 13-Nov-04 Depth 9 540 DrillingHouston Texas API 50 State County Well S Tbit size No555-666-7777 Well No Texas Kleberg 0 012 25 3OPERATOR CONTRACTOR73this soft ware is c r to jack hamil tonRIG No D P size typeExxonMobil H P 5 S-135ADDRESS Rig ADDRESS Rig Spud Date 10 15 03 D P size typereport for Mr repor...

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0709 Jackup Osposter

Complete Rig and Marine Vessel Repair STRONGER STRONG RIGSCOMPANYg u l f c o p p e r c o m903-237-7500 lti-offshore comCamAdOSmaps0707 1 6 15 07 10 49 52 AM NatOilOS0907 1 5 6 09 3 47 23 PM GulCopOSMaps0907 1 6 23 09 11 53 52 AM DriQuiOSmaps0707 1 6 20 07 11 05 19 AM LTIOSmaps0907 1 6 19 09 3 43 08 PM2009 WORLDWIDE SURVEY OFDEEPWATER JACK-UP RIGS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14JULY 2009LeTourneau...

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Moxa White Paper Using Industrial Ethernet In The Oil And Gas Industry

Microsoft Word - MOXAWhitePaper---UsingIndustrialEthernetintheOilandGasIndustry.doc Moxa White PaperUsing Industrial Ethernet in the Oil and Gas IndustryFlanker Kuo Senior Engineerflanker kuo moxa comThe Oil and gas industry is experiencing a major boom around the world thanksto the seemingly insatiable demand for fossil fuels in both developed anddeveloping countries However Drilling for transpor...

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Focus Rotary Drilling Products

Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools Focus rotary Drilling productsFocus the latest range of rotarydrill bits from Atlas CopcoAtlas Copco presents the latest in rotary Drilling Equipment Focus rotary drill bitsThis new range is designed to withstand the ever-increasing forces and rotationalspeeds of today s rotary drill rigs while offering market-leading performance State-of-the-art engineering has res...

federaltrada.co.id/product/drilling/Focus (1)/Focus_Rot...ng_Products.pdf
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Laney Drilling Equipment Bak 05 10 11

Drilling Equipment LDD 70 RIGS 2- 3Two small size-Drilling rigs The maximum pipe handling diameter is 12 inches and up to 800 feet in length Itcan utilize 4 600 foot pounds of torque and 60 000 foot pounds of push pull forceLDD 120 20 Rig 20One small size-Drilling Rig The maximum pipe-handling diameter is 20 inches and up to 2 000 feet in length Itcan utilize 30 000 foot pounds of torque and 180 0...

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tice and itsaccuracy is not guaranteedNo representation or warranty expressed or implied is made on this presentation TheGroup accepts no liability arising from the use of or reliance on any information whetherfinancial or other data presented or contained in this presentationNo one shall in any way modify copy publicly display publish or distribute such materialsor otherwise use the materials for

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Global Dls Newsletter Issue 2 April 2011 Low Res

Global DLS Newsletter from Aker Solutions Drilling lifecycle services No 2-20112Sjur Henning HollekimDear colleagueWelcome to the second issue of the global DLS newsletterBuilding up our global service capacity In the current issue you can read moreto meet our customers needs requires about our operations in Baku meetmany changes in our organisaion We some people who have joined ushave also announ...

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Corporate Information

Sales Rentals Services Deep Drill Supply GroupYour fast and reliable partner between manufacturing stock and drillingThe Deep Drill Supply Group supplies Drilling Equipment and tubulars for Drilling and workoveroperations both inland and offshore for Oil gas geothermal energy and salt miningWe sell rent and service a wide variety of high quality OEM Drilling Equipment tubulars andaccessories from ...

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14011012314729d80 Quad Derrick

D80 Final.fh11 D80 OUTLINE SPECIFICATION - D80 SD DP3 PSMREGULATORY BODY APPROVALSSOLAS 2004 MARPOL 1973 78 IMO MODU-CODE all with latest amendmentsCLASSIFICATIONDNV 1A1 COLUMN STABILIZED Drilling UNIT DYNPOS AUTRO DP3 POSMOOR-ATA CRANE HELIDECK ECO F-AM and DRILLENVIRONMENTAL OPERATING LIMITSMaximum Wind Velocity 70 knots 100 knots Air Gap Operational Survival 9 5 12 5 m 31 2 41 0 ftFrigstad Engi...
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Understanding Advanced Drilling Techniques Web2

www senergyworld com training Understanding advanceddrilling techniquesAimsThe course is ideal for industry professionals who wish to expandtheir knowledge of the following Advanced Drilling TechniquesADTCoil Tubing Drilling CTDManaged Pressure Drilling MPDUnderbalanced Drilling UBDThrough Tubing Drilling TTRDThis independent course explains how these technologies can helpovercome Drilling issues ...

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Fia Endorses Skills Act Feb 2013 Pdf Utm Source March 2013 Quick Read&utm Campaign March2013&utm Medium Email

ty-critical applications Rarely seen by consumers forgings are normally key component parts insideassemblies For example forgings are necessary components in the following applicationsAutomotive A single car or truck may contain 250 forgings and 40 of all truck axle assemblies arecomprised of forged componentsAerospace structural engine and landing gear parts of commercial and military aircraft ar

https://forging.org/system/files/public/PDF/FIA Endorse...tm_medium=email
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Lamina Hydraulic Equipment Hydraulic Equipmentwww anchorlamina comCheck our website for the latesttechnical informationPortable Hydraulic Die SetterDrilling Tapping EquipmentLamina Hydraulics has moved into the new millenium with upgraded user friendlyelectronic technology These products are more ef cient quieter and easy to useDrilling Equipment Product offering includes Heavy-duty portable hydra...

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Corrosion in the Oil Industry Corrosion in the Oil IndustryMost metals exist in nature as stable ores of oxides carbonates or sulfides Refining them to make themuseful requires energy Corrosion is simply nature s way of reversing an unnatural process back to a lowerenergy state Preventing corrosion is vital in every step in the production of Oil and gasDenis Brondel Corrosion costs US industries a...

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