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Ender s Game The Dialectical Journal Read the assigned pages You will need to create a Journal entry every 25 pages This will equal 15 entries Eachjournal entry will consist partly of the lines from the book which prompted it and your response to those lines providetext and page numbers The other part of your Journal entry will consist of your response to the textYour ResponseIt could be a questio...

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Dialectical Journal Night

Microsoft Word - Dialectical Journal Template.doc Sample Dialectical Journal NightSource Material Respond Analyze and EvaluateProvide a direct quotation or paraphrase Page Why do you find this passageand a parenthetical citation interesting or importantWhat are you analyzing I can picture the men standing in theconcentration camp watching the snow blanketthe ground It is silent there The snow-cove...

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Honors English 9

Honors Summer Reading—Dialectical Journal MEMORANDUMTo Parents and Students of Ninth Grade Honors English 2013-2014From Ninth Grade Honors English Teachers Tucker High SchoolDate June 2013Re Summer ReadingAll students who will be enrolled in English 9 Honors For the 2013-2014 school year willbe required to read two books from the following list prior to our first class meetingThe Red Scarf Girl ...

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Dialectical Journal Format Pdf Id 51541

Dialectical Journal Format Title of Text Author of Text To read actively and closely create a Dialectical Journal and record an entry approximately once every 5-10 pages Use your own paper and an approximation of the format belowSelect a quote from the text and List the Write a question make a prediction a personalcopy it in the space below page connection a comparison a judgment or draw anumber ...

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6 Bmu Dialectical Journals Part 4 Chap 18 22

BMU - Dialectical Journals Part 4 - Chap 18-22 BLESS ME ULTIMA Dialectical Journal NAME TODAY S DATEChapters 18-22 LA2 PER SCORE 150 POINTSLA2 PER SCORE 150 POINTSPURPOSEBless Me Ultima is one of the last fictional works you will read this year As such it is important to assess your literaryanalysis skills before you enter into the two- year IB Program As an IB student your skills in this area sho...

vhstigers.org/ourpages/auto/2007/12/16/1197842133026/6 ... Chap 18-22.pdf
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Pdf Omm Dialectical Journal Instructions Rev 12 2013

OMM Dialectical Journal Instructions (REV 2013) copy English 10 OF MICE AND MEN Dialectic Journal InstructionsInstructionsas we read John Steinbeck s Of Mice and Men you are to keep a dialectic Journal For each chapter of the book usingthe packet received in classquotes responseson the left side include on the right side comment and connect your thoughtsQuestionsand immediate actions to the notes ...

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English 4 2014 2015 School Year

English 4 Summer ReadingStudents must read one of the following worksCode Name Verity by Elizabeth WeinDodger by Terry Pratchet orThe Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LabanPlease purchase one of the books listed or check one out of a library this summerSummer AssignmentCreate twenty-five 25 Dialectical Journal Entries For the novel of your choiceThe Journal entries should be spread evenly throughout the...

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Ortiz Ela 11 Cohort 2 Summer Assignment

English Language Arts 11 Summer 2014 Reading Assignment COHORT 2 Name Objective In preparation For our study of the English language this year you will be reading a work of literature that useslanguage in a particularly artful way In addition to reading this text you will be thinking deeply to understand andanalyze it In addition you will practice skills that you will apply to all the literature ...

gertzresslerhigh.org/ourpages/auto/2014/5/23/54166200/O... Assignment.pdf
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2014 Ap Language And Composition Summer Reading Assignment

Glasgow AP Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment All AP English Language and Composition students must complete the attached AP assignment Completing the APSummer Reading is a requirement For the AP Language and Composition course Contact Mrs O Connor atoconnork christina k12 de us if you have any concerns1 AP English Language and Composition students must read the novel The Things Th...

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Genre Syllabus Linked Grade 7

5-7th pages 470-643 28 8 24 04 5 52 PM Page 516 Genre-Based SyllabusGrade SevenCourse PhilosophyThe genre-based syllabus allows students to study each genre in depth A strong foundation ineach genre is critical For success in advanced courses like AP EnglishObjectives of CourseRefer to the grade seven Skill Progression Chart For course objectivesBrief Overview of Each Nine WeeksFirst nine weeks Fi...

training.nms.org/Portals/ltftraining/docs/english/sylla...d - Grade 7.pdf
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Summer Reading Ap English 11

Microsoft Word - Summer Reading AP ENGLISH 11 Zabrowski1.doc AP ENGLISH 11 Language and Composition ZabrowskiAP Lang and Comp SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENTSYou will be working on 3 assignments Be sure to get a spiral notebook or folder to keepthem all together Please label each section For each assignmentJournal Writing Exercises due the first day of school Monday August 21 2013Assignment 1 The Dialec...

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Ap Lang Audit

OUTLINE For AP ENGLISH AP Language and CompositionCOURSE OVERVIEWCourse Objective The objectives For this course are taken from the AP English LanguageComposition Course Description as published by the College Board Please refer to the teacher s websitein order to find links to the College Board sites or visit the College Board directly atapcentral collegeboard comAppropriate Rigor This course is ...

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Us Hist Summer Assign 2014

Microsoft Word - summer assign 2014 zzz.doc FORDHAM PREPARATORY SCHOOLSUMMER ASSIGNMENTS 2014U S HistoryRead two books from this section and submit a Dialectical Journal For each on first day ofclass in September1776 David McCullochWhat topic could be more current than independence or the passionate desire that all menhave For freedom David McCullough brings his considerable literary talent to the...

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Summer Work 10a 2013

Microsoft Word - Summer Work 10A 2013.doc Congratulations We look forward to working with you next year but first the dreadedsummer work Argh You will need to do two things that shouldn t completely destroy yoursummer fun1 The first book to read and respond to is How to Read Literature Like a Professor byThomas C Foster You will have to buy or check out the book Make sure that it isLiterature and ...

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Junior Regular Summer Reading

North Medford High School Junior English and Honors English Summer Reading Information 2012Welcome to Junior EnglishSummer reading is an important part of a North Medford High School English student s experience Current researchsuggests that summer reading helps students maintain important literacy skills and provides all students with a sharedexperience to build upon in September Below are summer...

medford.k12.or.us/files/junior regular summer reading.p...mer reading.pdf
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me when you experienced failure How did it affect you and what lessons did youlearnReflect on a time when you challenged a belief or idea What prompted you to act Would youmake the same decision againDescribe a place or environment where you are perfectly content What do you do or experience thereand why is it meaningful to youDiscuss an accomplishment or event formal or informal that marked your

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Four Guidelines For Summer Reading

Four Guidelines For Summer Reading Posted on May 4 2014 by Kylene BeersAdapted from http kylenebeers com blog 2014 05 04 guidelines-For-summer-reading on May 22 2014In my previous post I wrote about the research that links enjoyment of reading to readingachievement Perhaps one of the most enjoyable times to read is over the summer Noreports No tests No vocabulary lists Just getting lost in a book ...

harmonywildcats.org/files/About_Harmony/Summer/Four Gui...mer Reading.pdf
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AP English Language & Composition / AP English 11 AP English Language Composition AP English 11Summer Reading AssignmentsImportant Summer Assignment DatesAugust 6 or 7 2012 1st day of class nonfiction reading log dueAugust 8 or 9 2012 2nd day of class The Things They Carried reading check quizAugust 10 or 13 2012 3rd day of class The Things They Carried essay testAs preparation For the rigorous ef...

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Microsoft Word - APDialectical JournalBrave New World Dialectical JournalBrave New World Aldous HuxleyAs we read you will want to write down certain quotes that seem important to the story and thatparticularly strike your interest This Dialectical Journal is intended to organize the important quotes fromthe story chronologically and reveal your reflections about these quotations This can be used f...

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Grade 6 Required Summer Reading

Microsoft Word - Grade 6 Summer Reading .docx East Orange School DistrictMiddle School Required Reading ProgramStudent PacketSummer 20142SUMMER READING REQUIREMENTS 2014We are pleased to provide you with the information For the 2014Summer Reading Program This program is a requirement For ALLstudents entering grades 6-12Why should everyone make summer reading a top priorityWithout addressing what h...

stemacademy.eastorange.schoolfusion.us/modules/groups/h...er Reading .pdf
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2014 Summer Reading Assignment Ap Language 2014 2015

SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT AP LANGUAGE ASSIGNMENT 1 READ unSpun finding facts in a world of disinformation byBrooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson Get a hard copy so you can annotatewrite notes in the marginAs the authors say Spin comes at us today in ways that didn t even exist a decadeor so ago On cable news talk shows advocates issue torrents of factual claims dailyseldom challenged by their...

phs.anderson4.k12.sc.us/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cm...e 2014 2015.pdf
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Ap Literature Summer Assignment 2008

AP Literature summer assignment 2008 Advanced Placement Literature and Composition 12Braden River High SchoolSummer Assignment 2008WhyAthletes condition For their sports during the off season students preparing For the universityexperience can benefit from staying in shape too This the last summer of your high school career is anexcellent opportunity For intellectual growth Refining essential skil...

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Semester 1

phies as Learning Goals Use memoirs and autobiographies asmodels For writing a personal narrative models For writing a personal narrativeTexts Readers Workshop pages 800-807 Holt Texts Readers Workshop pages 800-807 HoltMcDougal Literature Book McDougal Literature Book read all excerptsTexts Up and Over the Top pages 827-830 Texts Up and Over the Top pages 827-830Common Assessment Personal Narrati

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Summer Reading Assignment Iep

SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT IF HAD BUCHANAN OR GRANATIR DUE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOLASSIGNMENT ONE IS TO KEEP A Dialectical Journal EXAMPLE ATTACHEDYOU MUST HAVE A SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOK For YOUR Dialectical JOURNALA Dialectical Journal shows your conversation with the text It highlights questionsconnections and ideas you had as you readYou should have 3-5 entries For each chapterThey will be evaluated on...

edisonlocal.k12.oh.us/Downloads/SUMMER READING ASSIGNME...GNMENT IEP.pdf
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Summer Reading Letter 20141

Milford Mill Academy Milford Mill Academy3800 Washington Avenue Baltimore MD 21244Phone 410 887 -0660Summer Reading Enrichment For AP and IB English2014Dear Parents and StudentsIn order to give our students enrichment in refining and building their skills in ourInternational Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement English courses we areexpecting them to participate in our summer enrichment program Th...

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12th Summer

Microsoft Word - AP Lit Summer Reading Assignment 2013.docx Dialectic Notebook Summer Reading AssignmentDialectic means the art or practice of arriving at the truth by using conversation involving question and answer The dialectic wasthe method Socrates used to teach his students how to be actively engaged in the struggle to obtain meaning from an unfamiliar andchallenging work A Dialectical journ...

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2014 Scale Summer Assignment

earliest days The world we thereencounter is at once strange and familiar radically exotic yet thanks to a translation byone of Ireland s greatest poets eminently relatable If you give yourself time to enjoythis read you will find it as captivating and unforgettable as did J R R Tolkien TheHobbit and The Lord of the RingsThe assignmentRead Beowulf in its entiretyDo NOT let the fact that it is in

eastmeadow.k12.ny.us/emhs/Summer reading/english/2014 S... Assignment.pdf
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Sophomore Honors Summer Reading 2012assignment

Sophomore Honors Summer Reading 2012Assignment English II Honors Literature and CompositionSummer AssignmentRationaleThe reading and writing assignment that follows will assist incoming students byOffering a bridge between the Honors courses of English I and English IICreating an opportunity For students to re- acquaint themselves with the demands of the writingprocess which will be an integral pa...

nvhs.ipsd.org/uploads/2012_13/Sophomore Honors Summer R...2Assignment.pdf
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Summerreading 11th 14 Csm

Collegiate School of Memphis 2014 Summer Reading List 11th GradeStudents are to read the books listed below over the summer break Students are expectedto annotate their books and complete double-entry journals For each book Students willalso choose one book to write a paper on before returning to school In addition they willbe required to write a timed essay and a longer paper when they return to ...

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Ap Comparative Politics Summer Reading Assignment

Microsoft Word - AP Comparative Politics - Summer Reading Assignment.docx AP Comparative PoliticsSummer Reading AssignmentWelcome By enrolling in this class you have made a commitment you have decided that not onlydo you want to become a more informed American citizen but also you have become willing to understandthe multitude of threats facing the human race and to increase your ability to help s...

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